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Hello and welcome to Full Frontal Noobity!  
Here at Full Frontal Noobity we are an active and fun Guild, Our main goal is to Run Dragon Soul in a casual fun way and to be the best that we can be! Your Friendly neighbourhood Guildmasters are Emmirose and Sunnysuicide or you have your two officers Maplin and Dashel. We love to chat just about anything in the guild within reason. x) We try not to leave anyone out and all of the members are very welcoming.Full Frontal Noobity Is mostly a raiding guild but we do take time out to run some old school Dungeons/Raids and to kill some Horde on the side and of course socials are welcome. Please speak to any of the officers with your ideas, suggestions, or requests unless its about the website then it's best to speak to Dashel.
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Deathwing Down

Dashel, Jun 5, 12 4:23 PM.
Gratz to everyone in tonights guild run. 
After a bad start with an opinionated holy priest we went down to 2 healers Aimee and Totem gtz both well healed and then brought in a fake achievement retridin but even so we managed to take Deathwing out.

Once again Gtz all and thanks for coming

Weekend Raiding

Dashel, Jun 3, 12 4:03 PM.
Well was an interesting weekend for the guilds raiding After some unfortunate events on friday we were looking at a no go for the raid but after some diplomatic work we managed to pull a rag tag group from the furthest reaches of the guild plus 2 pugs, Worst idea ever having a drunk druid as main tank =p  but even so we flew through the first 3 in DS getting a quick wipe out of the way then nuked down Hagara easy peasy.  Things took a turn for the worst when we worked out we had no soakers for Ultraxion but we had a good try and kept at it but to no avail we chose to continue the next night. Next night was a slightly different guild team which worked better and Ultrax and Blackthorn got one shotted and spine went down on 3rd attempt but then we got stuck again on Madness but im sure he will go down on Tuesday.

New Guild Site

Dashel, May 31, 12 12:26 AM.
As you can see we have a new guild site it's a work in progress at present so please sign up and help to expand it.
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